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FIRM UPDATE: March 26, 2022

I have confirmed with TAD that it intends to publish 2022 Property Values on or about April 15, 2022. Property Tax Protest Registration will open on April 15, 2022.

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FIRM UPDATE: February 9, 2022

2022 Property Tax Protest Registration is set to open on April 1, 2022, pending Tarrant Appraisal District’s publishing of 2022 proposed property values.

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FIRM UPDATE: May 14, 2021


The Firm has reached max capacity for Tax Year 2021 Property Tax Protest cases with a Notice of Protest deadline of May 17, 2021.

If you have a Notice of Protest deadline that falls after May 17, 2021, and would like the Firm to represent you, please email the Firm for verification and a unique URL to access Online Registration.

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The Gallagher Firm, PLLC announced its new Over-65 Program in 2021. The Firm, in an effort to keep Tarrant County Property Values in check county-wide, began offering free representation to those Tarrant County Property Owners who have an established Over-65 Exemption on file and in effect with Tarrant Appraisal District.*

• Why is the Firm offering this service? Historically, those with an Over-65 Exemption in place had no incentive to Protest Property Taxes, as the Tax Liability for those individuals was frozen. However, not Protesting the Values of these properties results in artificial inflation of values for other homeowners not benefiting from an Over-65 Exemption.

• How does an “Over-65 Property” affect me? When Tarrant Appraisal District uses an “Over-65 Property” to compare with your property, it’s likely that the Over-65 Property has an inflated value due to no one keeping the value in check via Property Tax Protest. This Over-65 Program is targeted to reduce the effects of those Over-65 Properties on the Firm’s clients, and Tarrant County Property Owners as a whole. Over time, the Firm’s efforts will pay off, as the Firm allows more and more participants to enter the Over-65 Program.

The Over-65 Program, including its successor-programs, are herein referred to as (“Over-65 Program”). 

* Restrictions: This is the second year the Firm is offering this service, therefore the following Restrictions and Limitations apply:

• The Firm is accepting only 50 NEW participants for Tax Year 2022. Once the Firm has reached 50 NEW participants, no additional participants will be allowed to enter the Over-65 Program, and the Firm shall have no obligation to render free protest services to any additional property owners who would otherwise qualify for the Over-65 Program.

• The Property to be Protested must be residential property within Tarrant County, Texas, with an established Over-65 Exemption on file and in effect with Tarrant Appraisal District (e.g. I must be able to verify your exemption status via your 2021 tax statement). If your exemption is not already in place, you do not qualify for this free service or the Over-65 Program.

ALL Participants in the Over-65 Program (new or returning) must register via the website each year and enter the Over-65 Program Promo Code for that year. You may obtain that Over-65 Program Promo Code by emailing the Firm. Once the Firm has verified your status and confirmed availability in the Over-65 Program, the Over-65 Program Promo Code will be emailed to you. If you fail to properly enter the Promo Code and are subsequently charged and pay for protest services, you will not be refunded, and your case will be handled as a paying client case, not as a part of the Over-65 Program. The Promo Code will no longer be active once the Firm reaches the 40-new-participant threshold.

• Tax year 2021 Participants with a guaranteed spot for 2022 must register via the website to maintain guaranteed participation in the Over-65 Program. Tax year 2021 Participants who fail to register will no longer have a guaranteed spot in the Over-65 Program and will have to re-secure a spot in future years based on availability.

• Participants in the Over-65 Program do not qualify for any Firm guarantee.

• Participants in the Over-65 Program expressly acknowledge, agree, accept, and authorize Ms. Lowery Gallagher to settle the Property Tax Protest with Tarrant Appraisal District as opposed to taking it to hearing.

• Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Property Tax Representation Agreement, participants in the Over-65 Program expressly authorize and appoint the Firm and Ms. Lowery Gallagher as its Attorney (Agent) for the Tax Year at issue, as reflected on the Appointment of Agent Form, and for all years following unless official termination paperwork is filed and accepted by Tarrant Appraisal District.

• Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Property Tax Representation Agreement, participants in the Over-65 Program expressly authorize and request that the Firm and Ms. Lowery Gallagher file a Property Tax Protest each year that participants are in the Over-65 Program.



Tarrant Appraisal District plans to mail Value Notices and publish its Proposed Property Tax Value for Tax Year 2022 on or about April 15, 2022. This is subject to change.


Tarrant Appraisal District and Tarrant Appraisal Review Board Deadlines

The deadline to file your Property Tax Protest is reflected on your Value Notice. For most Tarrant County property owners, the deadline to file your property tax protest is May 15, 2022, or 30 days from the date reflected on your Value Notice. May 15, 2022 falls on a Sunday, therefore check your Value Notice or call the Firm if you are unsure of your deadline.


Formal Hearings

The Firm takes almost every case to a formal in-person hearing before the Tarrant Appraisal Review Board. Your attendance is not required, and due to COVID-19 restrictions, is not allowed at this time.


No change between 2021 and 2022 Market Value

If your 2022 Proposed Market Value is the same as your 2021 Certified Market Value, check to see if Tarrant Appraisal District raised your Proposed Appraised Value. Tarrant Appraisal District can raise Property Values by up to 10% for homesteaded properties, or even more for non-homesteaded properties. This increase in Proposed Appraised Value will affect your Tax Liability—even if your Proposed Market Value stays at the 2021 level. You can still file a Property Tax Protest. I recommend looking carefully at your published 2022 and 2021 Property Values to see if you’re at risk for higher Tax Liability, despite your Proposed Market Value remaining the same. If you have questions, contact the Firm.


Firm Deadlines

Free Cursory Reviews: April 15–April 30, 2022.

 • CLICK HERE to learn more about FRCs.

 • CLICK HERE to request your FCR.


Conference Calls:

 • 2022 Pre-Protest Conference Calls: February 28–May 12, 2022 — CLICK HERE to schedule.

 • Client Conference Calls: May 22–June 4, 2022 — scheduling available during online registration.


Evidence Upload:

 • Deadline to upload evidence, and requested supporting documentation or evidence for exemption applications, to Client Folder: June 10, 2022.


Max Capacity: 

 • The Firm shuts down online registration once it reaches max client capacity. I anticipate  this date being around the first week of May. It is possible that the Firm will reach max client capacity before the first week of May, therefore if you plan on the Firm representing you in your property tax protest, please register online as soon as possible.


Importance of Protesting this Year

Whether you hire my Firm, hire someone else, or do it yourself—be sure to file a Property Tax Protest this year. The real estate market hasn’t experience a significant slump, so I anticipate that Tarrant Appraisal District will have sufficient evidence to raise Proposed Market Values on most properties in Tarrant County.


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This is not intended to be legal advice or a substitute for legal advice, nor is it intended to deter you from contacting the Firm with your questions. If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out!

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